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i was sent this hair to review: wrapping lotion: bronner bros.. walmart Flexi rods: purple ones from sallys beauty supply MUSIC from Hair Specification: ONYC Mongolian Light-Relaxed Perm Length: 18″ and 16″ General info about ONYC Hair: • Our Cuticle Hair…
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  1. TheJoshpointoh Said,

    Is that weave ?

  2. kym0795 Said,

    What is the title of ur instrumental?

  3. Lisa Dixon Said,

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  4. 01Chanel10 Said,

    easy and cute and goregeous!!!!

  5. jeri ferrell Said,

    did you apply any heat? or did you just let the wrapping lotion air dry and then take it down two hours later?

  6. jessicia conners Said,

    thank you!!

  7. Myjanne Said,

    Looks so easy and so pretty.. :)

  8. senco417 Said,

    thanks alot for this video, it helped alot. i didnt use wrapping lotion with mine but it came out good

  9. 1234roadking1 Said,

    im a man and LOVE your hair-you’re not bad either! lol

  10. PELA DIMITRA Said,

    wow!you look like majestic!

  11. mstahja84 Said,

    Too Cute..

  12. dontfckwitdababas Said,

    how did you get your hair so straight?

  13. jeterlover03 Said,

    How long did they last? What type of climate where you out in(hot, humid, etc)?

  14. chynellebruce1 Said,

    How long does the curls last? This is very pretty

  15. Badestbarbie333 Said,

    Yur pretty

  16. russycox Said,

    Luv it! Cnt wait to try this on my hair!

  17. songcry23617 Said,

    Good job

  18. Nanique Prins Said,

    i love your hair! and, i was wondering how the song is called? x

  19. Sophia McWill Said,

    Thank you for this video. Please what weave-on or wig is this and where can I purchase it preferrably online? Thanks again

  20. makeupmeyham Said,

    omg, thank u for this!! I’ve tried flexi rods on several occasions and could not get them to stay like i want them to.. I’m gonna try your method and see how it works out!!

  21. dancingpinaygirl Said,

    Omg those curls are like beautiful

  22. 83CherryKisses Said,

    Youe hair is flawless…… Love it

  23. MsKetaMarie Said,

    Yes, you can. It depends on the hair as to how long it last, the humidity where ou live, and what you are doing, if youre sitting at a desk all day it way last, but if youre moving around a lot it may not. and if you do dry curls it may not last as long. You may need to use wrapping lotion, or a “wrap set lotion” that wayu it would give it a firm hold. And if you dont mind adding products to your hair/extentions you can add a Light holding spray. Otherwise, its going to fall.

  24. lovesong255 Said,

    I feel so dumb I just don’t know how to make the rods stay

  25. KayTinklePink Said,

    Can you leave in the flexi rods over night And if you do will the curls last more the 10 hrs?
    Anyway Love your videos who do everything like a professional.

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