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An 18-year-old driver competes on the international racing circuit with the help of his friends, family and his father’s high-tech race-car, The Mach 5.
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  1. aprilia823 Said,

    ok grazie

  2. gloomyoutlook Said,

    tew tew tew tew! /car jumps

  3. gillianorley Said,

    “The car was equipped with special equipment.”

    Gotta love it.

  4. mikelinnn Said,

    cerca “mach 5″.i cavalieri del re

  5. aprilia823 Said,

    la sigla italiana c e’ ? non la trovo grazie 

  6. patrickrebecci Said,

    21:11 speed apears without his helmet!

  7. helderaoliveira127 Said,

    A diferença do Mach 5 II para a versao I e que a versao II voava.Alias o Mach 5 I voa baixo: Tem o motor Ferrari empurrando e tanto o Mach 5 I como o Mach 5 II tem o V12 italiano rugindo na carcaça japonesa

  8. helderaoliveira127 Said,

    Mach 5 I Ferrari x Mach 5 II Ferrari duas Ferraris velocicimas

  9. CanadianTechHelps Said,


  10. ohfilms1 Said,

    9 actully

  11. TheJer1963 Said,

    There is a real Mach 5 and it is street legal. Just do a search for The Mach 5 and you will see the website for it. It was at the Daytona 500 last year. The site is called TherealMach5

  12. prite339 Said,


  13. wokeupthismorning100 Said,


  14. menlar Said,

    horrible driving, they drive in the middle of the street

  15. menlar Said,

    so good but HORRIBLY animated

  16. billpage Said,

    i was born in 1965 its now the year 2011 and speed racer is still one of my cvool favoite televsion shows i liked to look in the news paper and you would see photo of televsion shows even speed racer plus i liked to take silly putty and put it on news paper words and photos and magicall be on silly putty to read and streeach more out photo ideas now days ink has changed so silly putty wont do this no offense to the new ink folks

  17. porechatot Said,

    Spritle is driving a car. . . Isn’t he seven?

  18. 1594svt98 Said,

    Yes and their Diploma’s were so secret, they were printed in invisible ink !! man, I just loved this kinda shit as a kid.

  19. ZLarryZB Said,

    It is theoretically possible to build such a car. In fact it can be done. But, it wouldn’t be street legal. Major bummer.

  20. MRWOLFEMAN29 Said,


  21. hotdrumchick Said,

    OMG—SPEED RACER!!!! I used to love this and Clutch Cargo when I was a teenager!!

  22. Fox3Tears Said,

    The only differences between the real Mach 5 and the fake Make 5 is that the fake one could fly and had a mizmo ray.

  23. DaveWollenberg Said,

    Trixie is SOOO jealous when Speed’s with other girls! LOL!

  24. Spheremaster0001 Said,

    Umm… if the secret science institute is such a secret secret place… Then why are they showing it on TV? AND what it looks like?!

  25. heckonwheels1 Said,

    They moved everything to the very super secret science institute.They told the guards what they were doing but then they had to kill them. :D ;)

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